Accurate safety information – always use the most recent edition of IMF (IMF 23 - order copies from Homepage)

IMF_23_ContentsIMF 23 includes all updates to important prescribing information for medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland.

In excess of 1,000 updates have been included for individual medicines based on their licenses.

New medicines, new generics, no longer available

All new medicines – original brands, branded generics and pure generics – now available in Ireland are included and fully detailed in IMF 23. Additionally, details of the 71 products discontinued or withdrawn from the Irish market are clearly detailed to avoid confusion and error in clinical practice.

Official Interchangeability / Preferred Medicines

Medicines which have recently been deemed interchangeable by the HPRA are highlighted along with those medicines which have now been designated as requiring additional safety monitoring ("black triangle"). In working with the HSE Preferred Medicines Programme, IMF 23 clearly highlights the preferred medicine in each therapeutic area.

Nutritional Supplements in IMF 23

IMF 23 includes an extensive section on oral nutritional supplements (ONS) – all sip, tube and disease-specific feeds expertly displayed to facilitate rapid comparisons and clinical decisions.

Surveys have highlighted that 1 in 3 patients admitted to Irish hospitals were found to be at risk of malnutrition. People aged 65 and over are five times more likely to be malnourished and a quarter to a third of residents in Irish nursing homes were considered to be at malnutrition risk (Nutrition screening survey in the UK and Ireland in 2011: A Report by the British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition).

Now, IMF brings together all ONS preparations available in Ireland in a colour-coded and easy-to-compare database. In a therapeutic area where doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians and carers all need to communicate clearly, IMF is the perfect platform for a multi-disciplinary approach to patients’ welfare.

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