Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) 25 (Order on the Homepage)

IMF - Print (book) or digital formatsIMF_25_2

In IMF all medicines, original brands, branded generics and true generics are included to support optimal patient outcomes and efficient use of medicines. The power and depth of IMF is available in a compact A5 book format as well as the IMF-Online digital platform.

Used extensively by GPs, hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, nurse practitioners and care homes it is an essential source of medicines information in Ireland.

IMF provides users with key safety and prescribing information plus essential practical details including;

Pricing and reference pricing
Reimbursement schemes
HSE Preferred Medicines
Generic substitution
Administration - opening capsules / crushing tablets / food
Storage requirements - refrigeration, temperature, light, moisture effects
Effects of medicines on ability to drive