Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF)

Locum in Ireland

IMF_MEDIAIf you are going to locum in Ireland, refer to IMF and avoid medication errors.

Why IMF?

IMF is the only reference that is:

Ireland-specific (prescribe within the law to protect the patient and yourself).

Fully-complete (includes ALL medicines, brands and generics).

Independent (no advertising).

It also includes Medical Devices, Oral Nutritional Supplements, vaccines and Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines for Primary Care in Ireland.

As well as the prescribing and safety information for each drug, IMF brings clarity to reimbursement and pricing of medicines. This practical information can dictate which prescription form must be used when issuing a valid prescription.

Locum GP / Pharmacist - in control from the start

There are many reimbursement schemes operating today in Ireland. Get to grips with them by referring to your IMF. These reimbursement schemes are managed by the Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) and include the GMS scheme, the High-Tech scheme, the Long-Term Illness scheme (LTI) and the Drug Payment Scheme (DPS).

Locums need to know all the medication options available (and brand names and generic names relevant for Ireland). They need to know how to prescribe certain medicines appropriately. Prescriptions for medicines reimbursed under the Hi-Tech scheme need to be written on a dedicated High-Tech prescription/form. Certain medicines require "approval" from the relevant authority before they may be dispensed.

With IMF, you have the most up to date, accurate and relevant medicines information.


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