Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF)

Evidence-based, Ireland-specific and Independent Prescribing Information

IMF29_CONTENTSIMF in your practice, maintaining the highest standards of medicines management.

1.It is independent. No drug-advertising, no marketing. Just the factual data required for effective and safer prescribing.

2.It is fully-complete. All medicines licensed and available in Ireland. All original brands and all generics. And medical devices, vaccines and nutritional products in one place.

3.It is Ireland-specific. The only English-language formulary within the EU! All information in IMF is relevant to Ireland. Base your prescribing decisions on information that is legally and practically appropriate for Ireland.

Prescribing Information tailored for busy professionals

IMF provides comprehensive dosing for all special populations:
* Adults
* Elderly
* Children (no additional book required!)
* Renal Impairment
* Hepatic Impairment
* Pregnancy
* Breastfeeding
* Contraindications
* Precautions
* Adverse Effects
* Drug Interactions (including what type of interaction / what action might need to be taken).

Approval for Specific Medicines, Reimbursement, Reference Pricing and Interchangeability

If you do not have your IMF handy, medicines pricing and reimbursement in Ireland are complex.
There are several drug reimbursement schemes in operation (PCRS/GMS, High Tech, Long-Term Illness, Drug Payment Scheme): some drugs require approval which the doctor must obtain before the pharmacist can dispense (Dabigatran, Edoxaban and Rivaroxaban).

There is no other single place where you can access the essential information for Ireland's medicines, medical devices, vaccines and nutritional products.


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