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Irish Medicines Formulary in Irish Pharmacy

imf_pharmacyWith IMF-Online running beautifully on all mobile devices, no need to hog the dispensing hardware just to check a medication.

Simply login with your mobile or tablet. And, when the locum needs help and you are offsite, login from anywhere and access the drug information instantly!

With healthmail and other demands on your dispensary terminals, you can simply login to IMF-Online from any smartphone or tablet. All the medicines information relevant for Ireland and the Irish healthcare system in a super-fast and easy-to-navigate single website.

Ehealth and e-prescribing may still be works-in-progress but IMF-Online is the REAL DEAL, not a pilot or intermediate solution but a 100% complete and live Irish medicines information powerhouse. The days of making-do with a British formulary are over. IMF is for pharmacists in Ireland, treating patient in Ireland with medicines in Ireland. All brands and all generics, including Irish branded-generics. All pricing in Euro, all reimbursment details relevant to the PCRS/HSE Irish systems.

Unlike an e-prescribing catalogue or drop-down list of items, IMF is a medicines reference with detailed prescribing, safety and practical information. A 100% evidence-based, scientific and professional resource, it facilitates accurate, unambiguous communication between pharmacists, doctors, nurses and nursing homes.

If you prefer a hard-copy back-up reference for your pharmacy, IMF is also available as a compact and honest-working paperback book. Digital or print, either way, if you are practicing pharmacy in Ireland practice to world-class standards with IMF as your go-to reference.