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How IMF presents information in a powerful cascade - example: Lipid Lowering Drugs in Ireland

Medicines Administration Safety ("Rights of Medicines Administration")


Before investing in a book, know the type of information and the way that information is presented in IMF.

The engine driving IMF is Irish-specific, non-promotional prescribing and safety information for all medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland. Brands. Generics. Branded-generics. Medical devices. Nutritional supplements. Exempt medicines.

The medicines and their details are presented in 16 chapters, each chapter covering a certain therapeutic area.

Prescribing Information

Prescribing information in IMF reflects the approved licenses for the medicines: no promotional or advertising content is permitted. IMF provides health professionals with clean data to support their clinical decisions. Designed with input from clinicians regarding the type and layout of content most useful in practice, information in IMF cascades from broad therapeutic headings to individual medicnes licensed for specific indications.

Safety Information

IMF provides comprehensive dosing for all special populations:
* Adult
* Elderly
* Child (no additional book required!)
* Renal Impairment
* Hepatic Impairment

As many patients require multiple medicines, Drug Interactions need monitoring and in IMF drug interactions are expanded to include not only the interacting drugs but also what can be expected or what action might need to be taken.

Pricing, Reimbursement, Reference Pricing and Generic Substitution / Interchangeability

The healthcare system in Ireland is complex and the area of pricing of medicines is a case in point. There are several drug reimbursement schemes in operation and without an IMF, this can be a source of real confusion. Click here to see how IMF gives all the relevant details in exquisite clarity.

Administration of Medicines Information

Medicines management flows from the prescription and medicines dispensed, but recent research has highlighted how administration of medicines contributes to numerous errors, some of which have been fatal, particularly in elderly patients. IMF includes a Medicines Administration Safety Cycle to support maximum safety in medication administration, click here for more information.

IMF also deals with particular queries that may arise in clinical practice regarding administration of medicines. Can this capsule be opened or can this tablet be crushed safely for adminstration other than swallowing? Does this medicine need to be taken with, before or after food? What about storage instructions for certain medicines - some need to be refrigerated, others must not be refrigerated?

With 16 chapters and powerful appendices, the above information is only a fraction of that in IMF.