Accurate safety information – always use the most recent edition of IMF


Using out-of-date medicines? NOT a good idea. Using out-of-date medicines information? NOT a good idea! The latest edition of IMF should always be used in practice. Every 6 months, IMF is fully updated and published to reflect these changes. See the table opposite for just a flavour of such updates.

Medication updates

Licensed indications for medicines, recommended dosages, newly reported side-effects or drug interactions - changes in these areas may have implications for the patient, prescriber, pharmacist and nurse. This is why it is important to always work from the most recent IMF book.

Practical information

Practical changes include updates to issues including availability, price, reimbursement newly classified "interchangeable drugs", drugs requiring additional safety monitoring, new reference prices, newly designated "preferred medicines".

New Medicines, generics, discontinued medicines

Completely new molecules, new formulations, new presentations, new generics, new branded generics and details of medicines withdrawn and/or discontinued from the Irish marketplace. See the summary opposite for more details.

Official Updates / Guidelines

Each new IMF book also includes important updates, safety information, guidelines and official forms as supplied by the relevant state authorities and agencies.


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