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Medication Safety in Nursing Homes 2019

A nursing home has apologised in the High Court to the family of a woman who died after she was given the incorrect dose of epilepsy medication for 23 days. RTE News, 27th June 2019.

Medication regimes are getting more complicated, medicines more complex and generics more confusing...using IMF as your source of medicines information ensures BREXIT has no impact on your medicines safety information.

Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) is the only Ireland-specific, fully complete and independent medicines reference in Ireland. Copies of this book are key to effective medicines management and patient safety.

Why Nursing Homes need IMF Books

Developed specifically for nursing homes, IMF includes a Medicines Administration Safety Cycle to support nurses andMeds_Nursing_Homecarers in adhering to the “10 Rights of Medication Administration”.  Using this page during rounds of medicines administration provides clear reminders of all the points needing to be checked for each patient and for each drug:

e.g. Step 9. Response: Assess if medicine has achieved intended purpose.

IMF includes safety, prescribing and administration details for each medicine licensed in Ireland. It includes all brands and all generics to avoid any confusion should a pharmacist introduce generic substitution of a patient’s medicine. Required dosing adjustments in elderly patients is made clear where appropriate.

This type of information, always to hand when IMF books are present in nursing homes, helps avoid unnecessary medication errors, particularly in transition care. Any doubts or confusion regarding a patient’s medication schedule can be clarified with the medical teams using IMF to avoid any ambiguity or errors in communication.

IMF provides additional important information such as whether certain capsules can be safely opened, or tablets crushed for alternative administration to patients with swallowing difficulties. Any specific recommendations for taking medicines before, with or after food are highlighted If a medicine requires specific storage conditions, IMF makes this clear.

For nursing homes to have the most accurate medication information relevant to Ireland for all licensed drugs, IMF books are simply essential.

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