Irish Medicines Formulary: Ireland's master medicinal products reference

Irish_Generic-DrugsIMF is the nucleus of medicines management in Ireland, the only fully-complete, Ireland-specific and fully-independent medicines reference.

Ireland's healthcare system continues to diverge from Britain's NHS and using a British medicines reference to treat Irish patients is just not appropriate.

Example: look at the table (left) which details the sheer number of generics and variations in strengths of just one sub-class of drugs in Ireland.

With IMF, the doctor, dentist, pharmacist and nurse can instantly access full drug details and make sense of this complicated matrix.

This is the type of practical and important information omitted from British formularies but which forms the very basis of IMF.

Health professionals, use a map of Ireland to navigate Ireland - IMF is the map of medicines in Ireland. No wild-goose chases around Google, no irritating drug ads or marketing spin, just clean, concise and accurate medicines information.

IMF, the nucleus of medicines management in Ireland.

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