Irish Medicines Formulary Edition 23 (2018)

IMF 23 gives doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses accurate medicines information which is specific, accurate and up-to-date for Ireland.

IMF-23The A-Z of medicines, it includes all original brands, branded generics and pure generics. Inclusion of nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, reimbursed medical devices and OTC products makes IMF the most complete medicines reference in Ireland.

Together with essential prescribing and safety information, IMF 23 also includes practical information - pricing in Euro, reference pricing, reimbursement, generic substitution, storage requirements and effects of medicines on ability to drive.

16 chapters in full-colour covering all therapeutic areas together with powerful indices make finding information quick and easy. Where medicines are prescribed, dispensed, administered or monitored in Ireland, IMF is the key to safe and effective treatment.


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