New IMF 34

Precise and Concise

From indications, dosage, contraindications and drug interactions to practical information on reimbursement and storage of medicines, IMF delivers precise and concise answers. Designed as a medicines manual for use in busy clinical practice it provides unambiguous and factual details for optimal prescribing and patient safety. And not just medicines, it also includes biologicals, medical devices, vaccines and oral nutritional supplements.

New IMF Edition 34 Now Available

16 Years' of Trusted Medicines Information

Ireland’s healthcare system is experiencing huge change and continues to rapidly evolve. New discoveries, new clinical trial results and new treatments continue to enter the system. The COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and changing Irish and EU legislation accelerate change and medicines are rapidly evolving to keep pace.

The Preferred Choice of Health Professionals in Ireland

IMF ensures all health professionals have accurate, reliable and non-promotional medicines information to manage such dynamic change. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses refer to it to stay fully-informed. They refer to IMF for effective prescribing and safer use of existing and new medicines. It forms the basis of a shared language among the healthcare disciplines and reduces the risks of medication errors as patients move from one setting to another.