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IMF Edition 25

IMF: the essential text for Irish health professionals. Concise prescribing, safety and practical information for all licensed/ marketed medicines including Exempt Medicines (ULMs). For doctors, pharmacists, nurses and locums, it is medicines information HQ.

IMF_2516 chapters cover medicines in all therapeutic areas. Medicines, medical devices, oral nutritional products and vaccines are included. Information, from Irish brand names, prices, reimbursement to intricate detail on dosing, interactions,contraindications and ADRs is presented with exquisite clarity.

New content is continually added: Medicines Administration Safety Cycle (“rights of medicines administration”), Exempt Medicines, Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines and Official Childhood Immunisation Schedules for Ireland.

Chasing around the internet, bouncing from site to site can turn a search for prescribing information into a blinding headache. IMF prevents headaches.

Ireland’s healthcare system continues to evolve and diverge from the UK. The number of Ireland-specific generic and branded generic medicines and the complexity of pricing and reimbursement of drugs can cause chaos without an IMF.



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