Official, Independent Medicines Information for Healthcare Professionals

Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF) is the trusted source of prescribing, dispensing, administration and safety information for health professionals practicing in Ireland. It is the only Ireland-specific, fully-complete and independent medicines reference book. First introduced in 2007, IMF is now used across all disciplines in both community and secondary care. With 16 chapters covering all therapeutic areas and multiple indices with practical information specifically for Ireland this is an engine for safer and more effective use of medicines.

Ireland-Specific: Making Sense of the Irish Healthcare System

IMF is designed, printed and distributed in Ireland and is 100% Irish-owned. All details are relevant to Ireland making it the most legally-appropriate reference for medicines information. Brand names are those used in Ireland (unlike non-Irish reference texts) and the prescribing information is based on the medicine’s license as approved by either the Irish regulator (HPRA) and/or the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Prices are expressed in the Euro currency and all reimbursement details are specifically for Ireland. Where medication queries arise and the health professional may need to contact the pharmaceutical company responsible for marketing the product, contact details are relevant for Ireland.

Fully-Complete: If a medicine is available and licensed in Ireland, it’s in IMF

All licensed and marketed prescription medicines, vaccines and reimbursed medical devices are included in IMF. Both original brands and generics are included to ensure health professionals have all the relevant information before making a prescribing decision. Medical devices, biosimilars and vaccines are all detailed together with Adult Oral Nutritional Supplements and frequently used unlicensed medicinal products (“ULMs”). As well as prescribing information, IMF provides safety information and practical details including reimbursement status, presentations available and storage requirements where applicable.


Independent: No advertising, no promotions, no opinions – this is official, approved medicines information without distractions

There is no drug advertising in IMF to ensure health professionals have access to unbiased and officially-approved prescribing and safety information. This resource is designed to help users find answers to medication queries swiftly. It is a compact and concise facility for use in everyday clinical practice, definitely NOT a dry academic text. With IMF,  doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses have a means to practice safer, more effective and evidence-based medicines management for optimal patient outcomes.