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Irish health professionals at the leading edge of their profession with IMF


A concise reference book; the powerbank that drives medicines management in Ireland. If you prescribe, dispense, administer or monitor medication, IMF keeps you at the leading edge of your profession.

16 chapters cover all drug-treatment options in all therapeutic areas - giving you the full picture of medication options for every illness. There is no confusion when you have IMF, all brands and all generics are included and all the information for every drug is appropriate and specific for Ireland.

In addition to prescribing information, IMF provides essential practical details - correct reimbursement details, crushing tablets or opening capsules for patients with swallowing difficulties, specific storage requirements for medicines where required. For such a compact book, the level of detail and scale of information is startling.

Medicines safety is also key in IMF with a detailed Medicines Administration Safety Cycle to support nurses in adhering to the "10 Rights". For many patients, including elderly, multiple medicines increase the risk of drug-drug interactions; IMF clearly highlights potential interactions but also the type of interaction that might occur.

Communication between health professionals, for instance transitioning patients from hospital back into the community or care home requires the clear, unambiguous and accurate drug information provided by IMF to avoid potentially devastating medication errors.

Totally independent with no advertising or promotional content, fully-complete and Ireland-specific, this book is the professional evidence-based asset for the Irish health professional.


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