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NEW: IMF Edition 28 (March 2021)

IMF is the medicines reference used by healthcare professionals in Ireland. It is trusted by doctors, dentists and nurse prescribers to help them choose the most efficacious and safe medications for their patients.

It is used by hospital and community pharmacists to remain fully up to date in their expertise, to dispense and advise patients about any medication concerns they may express.

Extensively used by nurse professionals, in nursing homes, public health, community clinics and hospital wards, it helps them to safely and effectively administer medicines. It provides the necessary information and support tools to always adhere to the 10 Rights of Medication Administration.


IMF is specific for Ireland. It is the only English language medicines reference based within the EU. Health professionals in Ireland, treating Irish patients need information which is relevant, accurate and medico-legally appropriate for Ireland and the Irish health system. That is what IMF provides.


IMF is fully-complete: it includes all medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland (i.e available to prescribe). All original brands, all generics. It is also includes vaccines, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

Independent, Clean Information for Evidence-based Best Practice

IMF contains no drug advertising. It contains no promotional material. No opinion. Just facts. The type of information and the way the information is presented is designed to provide health professionals with factual, legally relevant and independent information. It is designed to provide this information quickly and without distraction.

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