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IMF-Online - the Aston Martin of online medicines information

If you prefer online prescribing, subscribe to the digital version https://online.imfmedia.ie

IMF_MobileIMF-Online: the only Ireland-specific, fully-complete and independent medicines reference.

Fully mobile-friendly so you get instant medicines information on your phone / tablet.

16 full-colour chapters cover all therapeutic areas.

Prescribing information legally-appropriate for Ireland.

Practical data including reimbursement (Euro price), pack sizes, administration notes, advice on storage for certain medicines - at your fingertips.

No advertisements nor annoying pop-ups - truly independent, non-promotional medicines information for health professionals.

Super-fast predictive text search function - you get the results instantly.

If you want drug options for a particular condition, the exquisite design gives an overview of all medicines, cascading down to the details for each and every drug, all brands and all generics.

Information in IMF-Online flows from the broader therapeutic area to more specific indications and ultimately down to each of the individual medications and their prescribing and administration information.

All medicines for the same indication are detailed sequentially for swift comparison.

Reference pricing / interchangeability are highlighted, as are notes on potential effects on driving and use in sport.

IMF-Online also includes Oral Nutritional Supplements, Irish Immunisation Schedules, Anti-biotic Prescribing Guidelines, official ADR Report Forms and Quality Defect Cards.

This is medicines information for Ireland - drug names appropriate for Ireland, prices of medicines are in Euro and contact details of each manufacturer are relevant for calling from Ireland.

IMF, in its print and digital formats, has become an essential part of medicine, pharmacy and nursing in modern Ireland.

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