IMF-Online: accurate and relevant medicines information at the click of a mouse

IMF-Online provides the amazing level of detail for medicines licensed in Ireland but with lightning speed. Click here to visit the IMF-Online website.

Mobile medicines information

With split-second search-return, full-colour for ease of navigation and a fully mobile-friendly design, it provides the only Ireland-specific, fully complete and independent medicines database in Ireland.

Smart mouse-over - hover over terms used in Irish healthcare - instant pop-up explanation to ensure full clarity and understanding. Smart-search provides a drop-down menu of drugs after entering the first 3 letters.




Medicines, medical devices, oral nutritional supplements

IMF is the only fully-complete, non-promotional and Ireland-specific medicines reference - all brands, generics and branded generics.

Nutritional supplements, particularly in residential and hospital care, continue to multiply. IMF brings together all ONS preparations available in Ireland in an easy-to-search and easy-to-compare database.

As herbal treatments continue to increase in popularity among the public, IMF ensures healthcare professionals have access to key information to avoid interactions with medicines.