Types of Information in IMF

Clean, Factual Approved Medicines Information

IMF is designed for healthcare professionals, not as a vehicle for drug advertising by pharmaceutical companies. The prescribing information is sourced solely from the approved license for each product. There is no advertising and no promtional distractions.


A key part of IMF is giving health professionals in Ireland the medicines information relevant to Ireland and the Irish healthcare system. Practical details such as prices, reimbursement specifics and medication query contact details are all appropriate for those practicing in Ireland.

Information is presented in a scientific, easy-to-navigate and intuitive format. It is specifically designed for immediate answers to medicines queries.

Details for each therapeutic area cascade from the general class effects for a group of drug treatments to specific information for each individual product (brand or generic).

The framework below shows the flow of detail.

Chapter (e.g. Cardiovascular Medicines)

Sub-chapter (e.g. Lipid Regulating Mediciations)

Molecules (e.g. Atorvastatin, Remdesivir, Rivastigmine)

  • Indications
  • Dose
    • Adult
    • Elderly
    • Child
    • Renal, Hepatic Impairment
    • Administration information e.g. tablet can or cannot be crushed
  • Contraindications
  • Drug Interactions
    • Effect of Other drugs on Drug Under Consideration
    • Effect of Drug Under Consideration on Other drugs
    • Interaction description e.g. contraindicated, needs specific dose interval, dose adjustment needed
  • Special Precautions
  • Use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Summary
    • Very common, common (MedDRA format)

Prescribing Options

Brands, generics and presentations licensed and available to prescribe in Ireland
Prescribing information is followed by a list of all brands (including all generics) for that molecule that are available to prescribe in Ireland.

For each brand/generic you easily find and check:

  • Brand name
  • Additional monitoring status (black triangle)
  • Company contact for medical queries
  • Legal Category (HPRA)
  • Reimbursement status (PCRS)
  • Formulation types e.g. tablet, oral solution
  • Formulation description e.g. white round tablet
  • Breaking information e.g. divisible into equal doses
  • Excipients e.g. Arachis (peanut oil), sodium
  • Storage (refrigeration)
  • Reimbursement i.e. if reimbursed, the scheme (GMS, HT)
  • Reimbursed price in Euro per pack size
  • Interchangeability (generic substitution) (HPRA)
  • Reference price (HSE)
  • Preferred medicines and oral nutritional supplements (HSE-MMP)

Irish-specific Clinical Practice Support Information

  • National Immunisation Schedule for Ireland (NIO)
  • Adverse Reaction and Quality Defect Report Forms (HPRA)
  • Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines for Ireland (Paediatric) (ICGP/HPSC)