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IMF: The Right Prescribing Information for Irish Healthcare

Information in IMF is presented in a scientific, easy-to-navigate and intuitive cascade. It is specifically designed to give busy professionals immediate answers to medicines queries.


  • Indications
  • Dose
    • Adult
    • Elderly
    • Child
    • Renal, Hepatic Impairment
    • Administration information e.g. tablet can or cannot be crushed
  • Contraindications
  • Drug Interactions
    • Effect of Other drugs on Drug Under Consideration
    • Effect of Drug Under Consideration on Other drugs
    • Interaction description e.g. contraindicated, needs specific dose interval, dose adjustment needed
  • Special Precautions
  • Use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Summary
    • Very common, common (MedDRA format)

Prescribing information is followed by a list of all brands (including all generics) for that molecule that are available to prescribe in Ireland.

For each brand you can easily find and check:

  • Brand name
  • Additional monitoring status (black triangle)
  • Company contact for medical queries
  • Legal Category (HPRA)
  • Reimbursement status (PCRS)
  • Formulation types e.g. tablet, oral solution
  • Formulation description e.g. white round tablet
  • Breaking information e.g. divisible into equal doses
  • Excipients e.g. Arachis (peanut oil), sodium
  • Storage (refrigeration)
  • Reimbursement i.e. if reimbursed, the scheme (GMS, HT)
  • Reimbursed price in Euro per pack size
  • Interchangeability (generic substitution) (HPRA)
  • Reference price (HSE)
  • Preferred medicines and oral nutritional supplements (HSE-MMP)

Irish-specific Clinical Practice Support Information

  • National Immunisation Schedule for Ireland (NIO)
  • Adverse Reaction and Quality Defect Report Forms (HPRA)
  • Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines for Ireland (Paediatric) (ICGP/HPSC)